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Mortgage Loans

To apply for a mortgage contact one of the Loan Officers below:

Name Location Phone Contact Web Page Connect

Douglas Luedcke
(NMLS #778889)

Grafton  (414) 235-5311 Email Doug Visit Web Page

Tom Schlicht
(NMLS #447099)


(414)  235-5839

   Email Tom     Visit Web Page

Kenneth Kilman
(NMLS #248167)

Franklin (414) 235-5211 Email Kenneth Visit Web Page

Gary Grocholski
(NMLS #1076647)

Mukwonago (414) 235-5256 Email Gary Visit Web Page

Pamela Guida
(NMLS #690995)

Mukwonago (414) 235-5319  Email Pamela  Visit Web Page

Dennis Rebisch
(NMLS #447094)

Waukesha (414) 235-5318  Email Dennis   Visit Web Page

Randy Reese
(NMLS #423392)

Waukesha (414) 852-6632   Email Randy  Visit Web Page

Gary White
(NMLS #447104)

South Milwaukee (414) 235-5107    Email Gary   Visit Web Page  

Shane LaMacchia
(NMLS #447089)

Third Ward

(414) 235-5312

  Email Shane  Visit Web Page


"How Much Can I Afford?"

The best way to find out how much home you can afford, is to see one of our Loan Officers for a FREE pre-approval. Our Loan Officers will help you with financing options and the amount of money for your home loan.

Find the sample interest rate on the chart below. Follow that column to the monthly payment closest to the amount you can afford. The right-hand column will tell you the approximate amount you could qualify for. These rates are examples only. For current rates, page down.

30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Examples

Interest Rate 5.50% 6.00% 6.50% 7.00% Mortgage Amount



6.570% 7.072%
Monthly Principal and Interest Payment $5.68


$6.32 $6.65 $1,000
$341 $360 $379 $399 $60,000
$397 $420 $442 $466


$454 $480 $506 $532


$511 $540 $569 $599


$568 $600 $632 $665 $100,000
$625 $660 $695 $732 $110,000
$681 $719 $758 $798


$738 $779 $822 $865 $130,000
$795 $839 $885 $931


$852 $899 $948 $998 $150,000


What Will You Need for a Down Payment and Closing Costs?

You'll need 5% to 20% of the home's value for a minimum down payment. However, there are programs that you may qualify for that require less than 5% for a down payment. We'll be happy to let you know if you qualify!

You will also need cash to pay closing costs and loan fees. This usually amounts to 1 percent or less of the amount you will be financing. The closing costs and loan fees cover things like the application fee for a credit report and property appraisal, a closing or originators fee to cover costs (some times known as "points"), legal fees, recording fees and title insurance to help make sure your home purchase is legally correct. There are other fees for inspections and surveys. The initial homeowners insurance premium will also be included. You should have two months worth of mortgage payments on hand to cover any unexpected expenses. Don't think you'll have to remember all this! We'll provide you with a detailed estimate of these costs, along with a Truth-in-Lending statement that estimates the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for your loan.

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