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Why Choose PyraMax Bank?

PyraMax Bank’s Mortgage Loan Officers know that you have many options when choosing a Mortgage Lender, and you may wonder, “what does PyraMax Bank provide that I cannot get from another institution?”. While we do offer competitive rates, and similar loan products to other institutions, PyraMax Bank goes above and beyond what you may experience elsewhere.

Let’s not underestimate the magnitude of a Mortgage Loan; yes, it is a big financial decision, and it is often one of the biggest financial moves of your life. For many people, a transaction of that size can be stressful. When you’re looking at the total cost of a home, and a payment term of 15, 20, or even 30 years, it’s understandable to feel concerned that you’re actually making the right move. PyraMax Bank looks to make your lending experience as comfortable as possible. We do that through service and support that puts our clients first.

One of the ways that PyraMax Bank cares for our clients is built right into the nature of our bank; being local. We’ve already told you about The Power of Local and the benefits of local processing, but that also means that the people who are working on your mortgage loan are your neighbors, as well! Our Mortgage Loan Officers and Mortgage Loan processing team live within PyraMax Bank’s footprint in Southeastern Wisconsin, which means that we know the neighborhoods and towns that make up our communities. By having a knowledge of the area, and actually being involved in the communities that make up Southeastern Wisconsin, we can provide a personalized service to take care of your loan specifically. We want to cater to you.

Another advantage to lending with PyraMax Bank is the personalized service that our Mortgage Loan Officers provide. Rather than being shuffled around from one representative of the Bank to another, you will work with the same Mortgage Loan Officer for the duration of your approval process. Our Mortgage Loan Officers provide a point of contact with our clients as a go-to for anything related to your Mortgage Loan. If you have a question, or if you think that something looks out of the ordinary, our staff is only one call away, and you’ll connect with an actual person, to either clarify or correct the details of your Mortgage Loan.

The third advantage to choosing PyraMax Bank is something that you simply do not find often at a financial institution; genuine care for the communities that we serve. PyraMax Bank’s Mortgage Loan Officers, as well as all of our staff, give back to the communities of Southeastern Wisconsin, because we make up those communities as well. We look to enrich the areas that we serve, and make a positive impact on the villages, towns, and cities that our clients, as well as we, call home.

If you are interested in a Mortgage Loan from PyraMax Bank, we invite you to visit one of our convenient locations in Southeastern Wisconsin. We’ll be glad to meet with you, and you can experience what truly separates PyraMax Bank from the rest.

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Five Tips For Purchasing Your First Home

Do you currently rent your home or an apartment? It may be time to start looking at purchasing your first home. Luckily, PyraMax Bank can help.

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